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New Year! New site!

A new year just started and I celebrated by getting my site updated. Or more like – replaced! And I just love it. It’s still in the starting slopes but the plan is to get it filled up with useful material.
I’m updating more than my site this year. I’m updating it all! So, some things as still under reconstruction and is not yet on the site. If you can’t find the info or material you’re looking for – just contact me. I’ll have it sent over to you.
This year I’m planning to move more around the world, meet some great and inspiring colleagues and pursue goals that are long overdue!
I’m happy to share it with you, so feel free to check in. Also find me on my social medias! Scroll down and you’ll see the icons by my contact form.
Hope everybody got a great start to 2016. Fresh year with new adventures in store!